Fresh and Healty Ingredients

We produce our own barley and we only use high-quality raw materials.

Crafted with Passion

High fermentation beers produced in small plots of land to ensure high quality.

Bottled by Us

We proudly supply all of our 3Vichi beers unfined by respecting its natural refermentation time.

Passion, Method and Patience

3 Vichi beers, prior to be tasted, need at least 2/3 months, some of them even 5/6 months to complete their main fermentation process, their maturation and refermentation within bottles. Beers need all this time to be clear and reach a distinguished flavor, aroma and mouth feel.

No CO2 addition, the carbonation is created with natural refermentation in the bottle thanks to yeasts. No addition of preservatives, antioxidants or chemical additives, hops naturally take care of all this.

We only use:

  • The water that gushes out from a 300 metres deep source under the ground
  • Own-produced malt from naked barley grain
  • Hops, selected from the best certified farmers
  • Brewer’s yeasts: “the tireless workers”

History of the Brewery

Passion for agriculture, for the hard work, for good, healthy and authentic things and the desire to create something. All this pushed me to finally realize this personal project of mine.

In my beers you can feel the connection to nature, simplicity, love for the job and the will to succeed, all values my parents taught me. The brewery is a dream that came true thanks to a great passion and sacrifices, but it was worth it all.

L’idea e la mission

If you come to visit me, you will discover a tiny, essential and genuine craft workshop that reflects who am I. Anyone drinks my beers will clearly understand my choises while discovering a surprisingly good, natural, real and genuine beer.